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On 10/11/2009 12:22:00 PM
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Who are you lah? I am Russel and she is Ann. Russel is generally an omnivore eater that loves to hunt for good food while Ann is more of a picky fussy eater. Never easy trying to please a woman. We complement each other, love our food and have a healthy relationship with it. We are all disciples of foodism and have devoted much time and energy into it.

What is eat lah about? eat lah (eatlah.blogspot.com) started off as a hobby in creating our own personal collection of eating places ranging from expensive gourmet restaurants that gives us problem reading the menu to cheapos back-alley specialties. Most importantly, we want to put our still-working taste bud into work.

Why another food blog? Despite having so many other food blogs out there, we still find it frustrating at times not getting the right sufficient information we wanted. Some without proper photos, some without descriptions, some without prices, some without maps and worst of all, some are not reviewing truthfully. We try to deliver exactly how the readers wanted it.

How do you blog? We started off independently and work alone at our own pace out from the social bloggers network. Usually, we do eat couple of times in the same restaurant with varying dishes before reviewing it entirely. It is unfair to rate a restaurant based on the few dishes.

We rate our food according to taste and value for money based on our personal opinion and liking during that instance. Quality and price may change overtime. Even though we do get invited for reviews, we will still write fairly. Readers simply just want the truth. Most people can't handle it but learning to accept it is the only way to improve and stay in competition.

Do you earn anything and get free food all the time? No, not really. We are not that popular and we prefer to pay for our own food most of the time.

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