R Burger @ Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

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R Burger or Revolution Burger is a Japanese concept founded on the premise that burgers can be made healthier, tastier and consumed differently. With health being the main concept of R Burger, this trendy new burger chain originated from Japan only has 2 outlets (Roppongi, Prantan Ginza) in Tokyo, 2 branches (Siam Square, Suvarnabhumi Airport) in Bangkok and 1 outlet (Ion Orchard) in Singapore.

R Burger's flavors combinations are adventurous - like the chicken burger with shiso leaf and ume dressing, maguro burger with wasabi mayonnaise, Japanese cucumber and shiso leaf, pork burgers with miso sauce and Chinese black vinegar sauce.

R Burger's buns are substituted with Chinese styled white fluffy steamed buns (baos). It was fluffier, softer and a whiff sweeter than the ordinary burger buns.

Another distinctive feature of R Burger is the use of marine collagen as part of its ingredients. While not at all uncommon in Japan, R Burger remains the first burger café to put collagen (1000mg/burger) in their buns. Marine collage helps to stimulate collagen production in our body that encourages skin renewal and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines. Might be a good place to start frequenting to stay young!

Kurozu burger (THB 109 / RM 11.30), served with juicy imported Japanese pork patty glazed with a healthy Chinese black vinegar base sauce sandwiched between darkish steamed buns made from Japanese bamboo carbon, with fresh Japanese shiso leaf, lettuces and cucumbers. A perfect marriage of Chinese and Japanese tastes!

Despite picking any taste from the black vinegar and carbon steamed buns, it was still worthwhile, the pork meat patty was juicy, succulent and tasty!

Maguro wasabi mayonnaise burger set served with salad, fried potato wedges with skin and ice green tea (THB 188 / RM 19.60). Lots of tuna's healthy benefits rich in omega-3 DHA fatty acid which is helpful for brain and vision developments.

This was fantastically different from the usual burgers with a zing of wasabi mayonnaise!

Verdict: A revolutionary burger with Chinese steamed white buns bursting with youthful collagen. Not something you see everyday, definitely a must-try!

Suvarnabhumi Airport 3F,
999, Moo 1 Nhongpreu Bangphil,
Samutprakarn 10540,
Tel: 02-134 8888 ext. 7671
Business Hours: Opens daily 24 hours.
Pork Free: No
GPS: 13.697193, 100.749092

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Unfortunate that one of our favorite shopping mall in Bangkok, CentralWorld was closed due to the arson damage received during the red shirt protest not long ago. We used to have our favorite Japanese curry rice (カレーライス) here every time during our visit to Bangkok. Knowing that we were unable to satiate our cravings this time, we disappointingly walked to Siam Paragon instead. Unexpectedly, we found CoCo Ichibanya Curry House, the famous curry house from Japan with 30 years of experience and more than 1,200 branches - 1,185 in Japan, 4 in United States, 15 in China, 6 in Taiwan, 5 in Korea, 7 in Thailand and NONE in Malaysia (sad!).

When we arrived, it was fully packed! We had to take a number in a waiting list and got seated about 20 mins later.

CoCo Ichibanya offers extensive varieties of Japanese curry with unique and creative styles, such as pork cutlet cheese mix, grilled pork with kimchi, cream mushroom omelette, salmon cream croquette, hamburger, and many more! You can also order your curry however you like it - with the specific mix of toppings (egg, cheese, clam, kimchi, eggplant, bacon, etc., with each topping priced between THB 20 - 30) and the level of spiciness of the sauce.

Fukujinzuke is the main sidekick to Japanese curry rice. Fukujinzuke is one of the most popular of Japanese pickled accompaniments, particularly with Japanese curry. I like how they add a subtle sweetness and pleasingly crunchy texture to the curry rice.

Pork cutlet curry with cheese (THB 190 / RM 19.80), with rich curry sauce generously poured over a bed of short grain rice with thick melted cheese and delicious lightly crisp pork cutlet. This was better than the one I've had before in CentralWorld! How can one not fall in love with Japanese curry? With its glistening sexiness, Japanese curry has a unique mild and sweet flavour unlike any other curry.

Grilled pork kimchi curry with cheese (THB 180 / RM 18.70), the deadly combination from the slight sweetness of the curry with spicy sourish kimchi over a hot plate of rice - it was out of this world!

The cheese melting down into a gooey mess under the heat of the hot curry, it does add a certain punch and flavour zing that elevates the taste even further!

For an additional THB 50 / RM 5.20, you'll get a bowl of salad and a bottle of green tea.

Verdict: I'm a Japanese curry addict, so it'll probably be YES! Ichiban desu ne! Portions were generous, 'most' people (except us!) couldn't finish their rice anyway. Only with a slight steep price to pay for to truly understand my addiction.

G Floor, Siam Paragon
Rama 1,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok
Tel: 02-610 7612
Business Hours: Opens daily from 10.30am - 10pm
Pork Free: No
GPS: 13.746065, 100.534118

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Whenever we're at Bangkok, we'll always stay close to Platinum Fashion Mall in Pratunam. With our non-stop busy shopping schedule, eating nearby to this shopping paradise is a must! Bamee Saeb Khun Song Khamoo (also known as Saeb x 2) is a great place for sinful wantan noodles and braised pork rice. Located in Soi Petchburi 19, which is just across the road from Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Plaza.

There isn't exactly a signboard but you can hardly miss it. The shop is situated on the right side of Soi 19, only approximately 20m walk from the main street. Best of all, it's fully air-conditioned! A perfect comfortable eating place in a hot sweaty day in Bangkok.

Big basin of delicious braised pork trotter, you can actually request for less fattening cuts with extra braised pork intestines too.

Braised pork rice (THB 50 / RM 5.20), perfectly braised pork that melts in your mouth with piping hot rice, accompanied with preserved salty vegetables and braised egg - it's the most amazing fling ever!

The same place serving the very tasty and sinful wantan noodles with fried crispy pork lard.

Dry wantan noodles (THB 40 / RM 4.20), served with springy egg noodles, meaty slices of charsiew (roast pork), flavorful wantan (dumplings), vegetables, topped with chopped spring onions and lots of fried crispy pork lard, oh my lard! Totally different from the Malaysian wantan noodles, this was sinfully yummy!

The noodles serving was a tad small for oversize hungry people like us, had to order another bowl of soup wantan noodles (THB 40 / RM 4.20). It was equally delicious! The soup was flavorful, indeed, the fried crispy pork lard is the key magic ingredient!

We never fail to have all these street foods each time I'm at Bangkok! Despite gotten more expensive over the years, but they've added the air-conditioners and it was a real blessing for a hot sweaty day in Bangkok.

Verdict: Strategically located and convenient for those with tight shopping schedules in Pratunam. Absolutely delicious, but again, isn't most street foods in Bangkok are generally delicious too?

4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19,
Pratunam, Bangkok
Tel: 02-653 9618, 081-839 5105
Business Hours: Opens daily from 9.30am - 5.30pm
Pork Free: No
GPS: 13.751151, 100.538525

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Kushi Q specializes in yakitori (Japanese satay) and the word kushi refers to the skewers used in yakitori. Yakitori is a favorite snacks in Japan, mankind has yet to imagine a food that goes better with beer. Skewers of succulent bite-sized meat pieces dipped in an appetizing sauce, grilled over hot charcoal and all washed down with a cold beer.

Kushi Q is located on the lower ground floor of Tropicana City Mall, the interior was rather small but it was clean and comfortable.

Yes, that's right, instead of the famous charcoal that gives yakitori its phenomenal flavor, Kushi Q uses a high-tech auto rotating electric grill. Well, at least you won't smell like a walking satay stick after the meal!

For a complete meal, you might want to consider their set meals. Chicken set (RM 11.90), includes chicken breast with mentaiko flavor, chicken thigh with capsicum in Thai flavor, chicken thigh with leek and sesame in teriyaki flavor, a bowl of Japanese rice with chicken sauce and poached egg, a bowl of miso soup, a cup of refillable green tea and two slices of refreshing watermelon.

Japanese rice with chicken sauce and poached egg (RM 2 if ordered separately), if only both the rice and sauce was served piping hot. Instead, it was just warm and moistly drenched with the sauce.

From L-R: Crispy chicken in aroma spice, grilled shishamo, and beef with pineapple

Crispy chicken in aroma spice (RM 2), one of my personal favorites! It was deliciously succulent inside with an aromatic crispy exterior. Grilled shishamo (RM 3), it wasn't crispy and flavorful enough for me and for the same price, we could've gone for the scallops instead. Beef with pineapple (RM 2.50), these tender juicy beef cubes are wonderfully tasty!

We simply love mentaiko! Couldn't get enough of the chicken breast with mentaiko flavor (RM 2/stick), it was tender juicy covered with a mild mentaiko flavored mayo.

Same goes for the chicken breast with wasabi flavor (RM 2/stick)!

Crispy fish in aroma spice (RM 2.50/stick), light and fresh fish fillet coated with aromatic crispy breading, it was mouth watering...Chicken breast with aroma spice (RM 2), well marinated cubes of succulent chicken breast, the aroma spice was indeed addictive!

Verdict: Great place for a light simple meal, and Kushi Q is halal too!

Last visit (Oct 2010): They used to grill it only upon ordering but it's different now. Instead, now they just pre-heat the pre-grilled skewers. Plus, the cool grilling machine is no longer at this Tropicana City Mall branch. It just taste different and wasn't the same anymore, sad!

LG 20, Lower Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7728 3613
Business Hours: Opens daily from 10am - 10pm
Pork Free: Yes
GPS: 3.130350, 101.627550

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